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Islamic Scholars

An Islamic scholar is the one who after completing the mandatory Islamic studies has received a qualification of completeness of the specialist education. An Islamic scholar strives to propagate the correct Islamic knowledge and rulings and who has the ability to derive islamic rulings from the evidence. 

This means that he has to acquire the tools (pre-requisites) of ijtihaad. No one can be described in these terms (‘aalim, mujtahid or faqeeh) except one who meets the pre-requisites. 

The scholars paid attention to these pre-requisites so that the door is not open to just anyone, old or young, to say about the religion of Allah that of which he has no knowledge. 

An Islamic scholar should have knowledge of the texts of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. He should have knowledge of the issues of consensus (ijmaa‘). He should be well versed in the Arabic language. He should have knowledge of usool al-fiqh (basic principles of Islamic jurisprudence), including analogy (qiyaas), because usool al-fiqh is the foundation for deriving rulings. 


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