Noor TV During Coronavirus

Broadcasting with Covid-19

The Directors and staff ask the Viewership, to be understanding through these troubling times.  Noor TV are running a skeleton crew; staff are working from home where possible and are keeping Covid-19 safe practices.

Noor TV has made changing to programmes; we have had to make restriction on participants & we have limited the numbers who come into the Noor TV Studio. Provision have been made for other Presenters to join via Zoom. Although It’s not flawless, depends with speaker’s broadband keeping stable. Especially challenging is live broadcasting, where a presenter is delivering a speech, along with video inserts, graphics and even a Q&A. Viewers may experience delays in transmission for which we apologise as this is outside of our commitment.

We ask Noor TV presenters and visitors, to restrict themselves to a maximum of two and to get permission before coming to the studio.

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